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Are you daydreaming about a life or an idea that seems too big to say out loud? 

Do you find yourself daydreaming about a life you’re not living?

If the resources were available would you live out your dreams?

I know what it’s like to have a dream so big it seems unobtainable. I had a big dream I was afraid to share with my family and friends. I didn’t want to shake up the comfort of my life and risk failure. 
But I did, I took a risk on myself and I won – and I failed – I recovered and I survived.

By overcoming set backs, I uncovered a proven method to help men and women WIN and accomplish these outcomes as they turn their dreams into reality: 

Increase Your Confidence

Accomplish More Faster

Expand Your Influence

Exceed Your Potential

Ignite! Your Best Year Ever

Is your life vision big enough that it will need all you have within you to achieve it? If it isn’t - it should be. This is the year you can Ignite! Your Best Year Ever - Achieve More and Exceed Your Potential. 2017 Will be your best year ever. Download your copy now

About Jeannine K. Brown

Jeannine K. Brown is a trained professional coach, speaker and the author of “Ignite! 8 Steps to Set Your Year on Fire.” The book has guided readers and clients forward by using insights on how to accomplish ever goal and make business decisions. Jeannine specializes in helping her clients move every area of their lives from dreams to reality.
executive career spans over fifteen years as a business consultant and entrepreneur.  She has watched her clients soar as they begin to live the lives they desire.  Jeannine’s five step formula has helped men and women accomplish more, faster and better, expand their influence, and increase their confidence to achieve everything they desire. As business and life coach, Jeannine is operating in her truest and highest purpose. >>>Learn More

Move Your Dreams To Reality!

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Jeannine is an accomplished leader who inspires, rallies, and accomplishes objectives through others like none other. An absolute great partner to help lead the charge!Susan Johnson, Sr. Manager, Leadership Development, Cox Automotive

Jeannine is an excellent service provider and business partner. She cultivates lasting relationships by providing superior solutions, thorough resources, and thoughtful insights to meet her clients’ needs. Her sincerity of wanting clients to succeed is evident in her work product and she is truly a pleasure to work with. She is a consummate professional.” Jordan Seque, Strategy Manager, Freddie Mac