“A public speaker seeks to be understood and liked, is self-conscience, and content-oriented, while a true communicator seeks to understand and connect, is audience focused, and is change-oriented.” John Maxwell

Are you in need of a speaker who’s engaging and can connect with your audience?

Do you want a speaker with first-hand experiences on the topics she’s speak on?

As a speaker, I focus on the needs of the audience and deliver impactful content supported by real life examples from my professional career.  I design audience-focused programs delivered in a clear, concise and usable manner in a high energy, engaging presentation.

Please consider Jeannine as your speaker for:Jeannine k Brown

  • Breakout sessions, conferences, seminars, training and workshops
  • Planning retreats
  • Motivational keynote addresses
  • Special events

All program topics are customized to meet your needs and may be followed up with individual and group coaching and consulting sessions.

jeannine k brown, coach, speaker

Jeannine is an expert on vision and strategic vision.   She has short teaching videos on “How to Create A Vision” and “How To Begin To Define A Vision”  on the Leadercast website.  Click on the topics, to view Jeannine’s videos.

The video topics share the concepts in her book, “Ignite: 8 Steps To Set Your Year on Fire”  


Click below to view the video of Jeannine speaking to college students about Vision and Limiting Beliefs

Nothing ruins an event faster than having the wrong speaker who does not engage and connect with the audience and will deter future participation. Great speakers are the icing on a well-designed event and generates buzz leaving your audience wanting more.  Please chose me to help you achieve your event goals.


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