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Jeannine uses fun and laughter to deliver dynamic and complex Jeannine K Brown speakertopics.  She incorporates practical tools to reinforce ideas and solicit audience participation.  If you are seeking interactive professional development seminars and workshops consider the programs below that can be customized to address your objectives and audience.

Ignite: Making Your Dreams Reality

Using steps from her book, Ignite: 8 Steps to Set Your Year on Fire, participants will learn concepts to achieve the biggest visions for their lives, families, careers, and businesses.  Learn how create a vision to move your dreams and goals forward with power with a framework to ensure your success.

Audience: corporate employees, college students, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ignite: The launch from College to Career 

When your new hire joins your firm, it can be an exciting but complicated transition.  Knowing how to successfully transition from the college campus to an office environment isn’t always easy.  For the first three to four years, most of their time is spent learning as much about the technical aspects of their careers. By the time they become a manager with responsibilities of managing people and developing new business, they are lacking in the business success skills (aka. soft skills) needed to carry them to the next level.

This program focuses on developing a set of “business success skills” early on so by the time year three and four comes along young professionals are contributors to the business,  productive managers and leaders in the organization. This learning curriculum is designed to provide young staff with the essential skills for professional growth.

Make Your Brand SpeakGreen man bullhorn

What sets you apart from your peers? Your Brand!  One of the best ways to articulate your skills, experience, knowledge, and overall value in today’s competitive market is to create a personal brand that helps you stand out among everyone else.  Having a strong personal brand can also help you help your organization deliver better results and influence stakeholders. This session helps leaders at all levels begin to think strategically about their value and create a powerful brand that stands out in their circle of influence.  Learn the process to articulate your brand, leverage your brand to influencers and to become an influencer whose brand speaks even when you’re not in the room.

Learn valuable techniques to create value, communicate your value and monetize your brand.  Leave with an action plan to make their brands speak.

Audience: College students, emerging leaders, women’s groups and teams

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Using Healthy Workplace Conflict to Create Innovation

Conflict immediately invokes thoughts of battle, shouting matches, silent treatment or even negative relationships.  However, conflict can be a natural process of communication that facilitates the sharing of divergent viewpoints.  In this session we will discuss how leaders see conflict as a necessary process to improve, evolve and achieve high results that lead to workplace innovation that impacts internal and external products and services.  Learn the processes to gain multiple perspectives on critical issues to make your workplace a high performing environment where idea sharing and healthy discourse can thrive.

Audience: Can be customized to deliver to all levels.

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Goals Come True

What is the thing you are dreaming about the most? What do you want to achieve? Are you hoping for a promotion or to successfully complete a project? Do you wish you could start your own business? Does your team have goals to accomplish? Using a proven technique to create SMART goals, visualization and vision boarding you can see your “Goals Come True”

Vision boards add clarity to your goals and help you manifest them quicker and more deliberately.  The “Goals Come True” workshop teaches participants how to make SMART Goals, how to evaluate their goals, how to eliminate barriers, and how to plan with a purpose to execute and see “Goals Come True.”

Corporate Vision Board events are a great way to bring teams and groups together to share more of themselves.  This is a creative goal setting activity for the organization or specific departments.

Read my blog to learn more about the power of creating a vision board.

Audience: Can be customized to deliver to all levels.

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Workplace Decision Making

The ability to make effective decisions is a leadership skill expected by employers and can help gain promotions. Decision-making skills and assertiveness are both traits that appeal to employers and employees should have the ability to make decision with confidence.  A healthy level of assertiveness at the right moments can strengthen workplace relationships and reduce long-term stress.   Participants will learn how to take on responsibility use decision making skills, intuition and reasoning to make decisions with confidence.

Audience: New and junior level employees

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Awaken: Body, Mind and Soul

This workshop designed for women give them tools to awaken to an understanding of their truest desires and learn the tools to lean in that direction.  Women will be empowered to live with intention and hAwakening Body Mind and Soulonor self-care as a necessity for life.

Learn the Awaken concepts:

Align your deepest desires with the life you imagine
Walk in greater confidence
Awaken your creativity and imagination
Keep self-care a priority
Exemplify the life you’re designed to live
Notice and release your power  

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Jeannine is a featured Leadercast speaker. She has short teaching videos on creating Vision and Strategic Vision.  The video topics share the concepts in her book, Ignite: 8 Steps To Set Your Year on Fire.

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