What I Have Learned About Myself During The 15 Day Challenge

Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) #15

My weaknesses have been uncovered participating in the Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) challenge.  I have also recognized that I can speak to topics with very little planning.  I have grown more comfortable talking to the camera and imaging my avatar follower as I participate.


How Do I Volunteer and Give Back?

Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) #9

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” is one of my favorite quotes about giving  back.  Learn more about how I volunteer and give back.  Please share with me the organizations and service projects you are involved in.

Mentor: He was the greatest man I’ve ever known


Today’s Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) episode is about the greatest man I have ever known. He was my maternal grandfather and stepped in to raise my brothers and I.  When I think about the greatest mentor to me, he’s the first who comes to mind.  He, as a mentor should,  helped raise me up to the person I am today.  His straight forward no-nonsense love was everything I needed.

When I was 16 he started to become ill and by the time I was 17, he was weak and unable to leave home most days.  When he was unable to leave home, and my grandmother was away I was the happily chosen person to sit with him.  During those times we spent alone, I learned so much about his life.  He shared stories of step back, failure, overcoming obstacles and how much he loved my grandmother.  He assured me that life was good, but not always easy.  Listen below to how he became my mentor for life and is the greatest man I have ever known.  I hope you like this video and if you do, please select like and share with me how your greatest mentor is.

Press Record

Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA)

I’ve accepted the challenge from my brother Mister Brown to join the YouTube community of Vloggers who  (video blog, you knew that right?) who are Vlogging Everyday in April.  That’s right, everyday.

I set up my YouTube channel over 18 months ago and not one video has been posted, not one.  I have an inventory of videos from speaking and still not one on my youtube channel.  Well that ends today.  In addition to my website, I’ll be uploading a video everyday in April to launch my YouTube Channel.  Please subscribe to my channel and like the video.


Who’s This Chick?


It’s day two of Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) and I made another video blog.  In this episode you’ll learn a little more about me, my family and my business.  The focus of my leadership and career coaching business is creating and casting vision while demonstrating value.   I also share about how this became a topic I’m passion about and how it has assisted my clients in moving from dreams to reality.

If you haven’t noticed, episode 1 and 2 I am wearing graphic t-shirts with positive messages.  Graphic t-shirts are my thing.  If you see cool shirts with positive message, please let me know.  You can also send me your graphic t-shirt designs and I’ll happily wear them on my youtube channel and promote it to my followers and clients.

Confessions of 2016

Where did the 365 days go?

2016, I got better, my relationships grew closer, my ability to express myself was clearer, I was more vulnerable, I asked for help more often, I said no a little more, I cried more than I wanted to, I let go of some of my fears, I grabbed ahold of love tighter, I forgave, I was angry, I was happy and I was sad, I argued, I listened, I asked for what I wanted.

Awaken is coming to Charlotte.  This workshop is designed to give you tools to wake up to an understanding of your true desires and learn the tools to lean in that direction.  As you awaken you will learn to live with intention and honor self care as a necessity for your life.

Date: July 30, 2016
Time: 09:30 am - 12:30 pm
Event: Awaken: Body, Mind & Soul
Sponsor: Jeannine K. Brown and Christy Lee
Venue: The Advent Co-Working Space
Location: 933 Louise Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28204
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

Powerful Affirmations!

Giving Up To Receive and Achieve Your Vision

You are what you speak! Everyone needs powerful affirmation statements to help them stay motivated.  I’ve compiled a list of affirmations listing many things I had to give up in order to have the life, business, and relationships I wanted.

Sign up today by using the boxes in the right margin and receive my list of powerful affirmations to keep you on track as you obtain your vision and accomplish your goals.  #ignite

Seeing Is Believing

Creating a Vision Board to Manifest the Life You Want

Vision boards are a popular way to use pictures and words to visualize goals and desires. I always imagine – daydream – about the life I want but never took the time to complete the exercise of creating a visual representation.

Last year, I designed my very first vision board. I had recently rebranded my firm, Everyday Lead and was on an accomplishment high with the launch of the new website.  I began to think about how the business would impact my life, what I wanted to change.  I knew I needed a visual reminder of what I wanted my life and business to reflect in order to stay focused. So what better way to do this than a vision board?