Let Your Brand Guide You

We support corporate brands and purchase products because we believe in the value we receive each time we make a purchase.  It is the consistency, reliability, and comfort that allows us to trust the brands we use.  Your personal brand, just as with corporate and product bands is a promise of value.  

The Book I’ve Read and Recommend

Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) #16

I was looking for a small book to recharge my motivation and help me raise my level of productivity.  I came across the John Maxwell book, “Make Today Great”.  In this video I share the highlights of the book that resonated with me most.

What I Have Learned About Myself During The 15 Day Challenge

Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) #15

My weaknesses have been uncovered participating in the Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) challenge.  I have also recognized that I can speak to topics with very little planning.  I have grown more comfortable talking to the camera and imaging my avatar follower as I participate.


How Do I Volunteer and Give Back?

Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) #9

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” is one of my favorite quotes about giving  back.  Learn more about how I volunteer and give back.  Please share with me the organizations and service projects you are involved in.