Let Your Brand Guide You

We support corporate brands and purchase products because we believe in the value we receive each time we make a purchase.  It is the consistency, reliability, and comfort that allows us to trust the brands we use.  Your personal brand, just as with corporate and product bands is a promise of value.  

The Book I’ve Read and Recommend

Vlog Everyday in April (VEDA) #16

I was looking for a small book to recharge my motivation and help me raise my level of productivity.  I came across the John Maxwell book, “Make Today Great”.  In this video I share the highlights of the book that resonated with me most.

The Art of Interviewing, Part II

Communicating Your Greatness

As a hiring manger, the best interviews I had the candidates brought the right mix of conversation and professionalism to the process. Talk to me! is my interview motto.  Tell me something good. What sets you apart from your peers and share it in a way that takes me on a exciting journey about your career experiences.

The Art of Interviewing, Part I

Creating the "Why Me" Story

I have many students, clients and job candidates walk in my office bewildered by why they did not receive a job offer. They cannot understand how they were beat out for a role. It can be a deflating experience for some and they are often left without answers about why they were not selected – often companies stray away from giving direct feedback on a candidate’s performance due to liability and potential lawsuits.